With Little or No Doubt I Said Yes

Willingness,working toward having, grooming, acknowledging, enjoying, & appreciating willingness.  
Willingness is a pathway to enthusiasm, excitement. It makes life a party, as in to participate. To play is a willful act. 

Will is a powerful name, William, Will I Am, may say it all. All I am is my will.
I use my Will to choose, it’s the vehicle from which I decide. 

Willingness moves from a verb, a doing, to a noun, a way of being. 

It was an epiphany when I realized that Willingness is the opposite of resistance. 

Does Willingness build Will? Does choosing to ‘show up’ build Will?

To show up in life is a major act of Willingness.

It requires putting away being right, ones fears, & not being attached or identified with outcome.

Will is risking, choosing to have fun, to be creator of your own world, to be responsible, accountable, even Setting A Good Example by the grace with which Will manifests.
Where did I get all my Willingness?
My favorite teachers were always Willing to go along with my enthusiasm, & bring excitement to the learning game. 

My coaches loved my Willingness to try ‘it’ another way. 

My spiritual teachers were all major players in resisting not evil. They said to fully experience & be here & now putting Willingness forward.

You didn’t have to believe what they said, just be Willing to listen.

Where would we be without Will? Perhaps humanity would be downgraded into indoctrinated servants of the most willful one, relegated like the ants in the wizardly tales of Merlin.  

Does Will ever join forces with evil? Does it ever join with vengeance or revenge to “get them, get even?”

Does Will ever become habitual & lose its purity or intensity?

 Is the human spirit best judged by our Willingness to be the other virtues, Compassion, Grace, Patience, Trust, Honesty, and Forgiveness?   
      Willingness is not who I am, it is how I chose to be.