MAY, The Second Month That Is A Verb

MAY, the second month that is a verb, March beats to a different drummer, but May is full of choices.  

MAY, the month of permission or as I like to remind myself Pure Mission.

May, the month I find the quickest in passing. Celebrated for May Day with rings around the May Poles, Mothers Day, Memorials and Marilyn’s birthday. 

As a child I remember playing ‘Mother may I?’-a game about  asking permission & paying attention. 

‘Yes, you May,’ was what we wanted to hear. A Mother was in charge. It was the role of power. 

Ever wonder that what May stop us from being, doing or having what we want is waiting for Mother’s permission?

“Mother May I?” “Yes, you May.”

May a month with 30 days of freedom & permission to ask for what you want. 

You May, permission granted
You MAY choose. 
You MAY decide.
You May choose to remember  that each day this month is a May Day with permission to choose, to decide, to change, to remember to be, do or have what you want.

You May. I May. We May.