GROUP Talks are for small to large groups providing new or renewed information, inspirational, motivational, & always entertaining solutions. Customized for your groups needs.

They have been keynotes, product & service trainings, hands on workshops, emceeing or panel moderation.

Such topics as:

  • Curing Seriousitis
  • Integrating Belief Systems (BS) with Transformational Goals. 
  • How to Own the Stage
  • Who you are Not; a personality matrix to enhance communication.
  • The New ABC’s- a keynote address on Quantum Ecology.
  • Creating a Stress Free Zone-Desserts is Stressed spelled backwards.
  • Goals to Flow-ers-Beyond SMART goals, to sustaining commitment.
  • Amenhokit-Ancient Egyptian God of Bowling-Gamesmanship.
  • How to Present Yourself-Keys to Public Speaking Success.


Questions for Success-Example of a training to enliven & empower.

  • What might your life be like today if you had known, earlier on, what you know now?
  • What might your life be like tomorrow if you are more effective with yourcommunication today?
  • What if you can use questions to get better results than statements?

A question takes your listener's mind down a particular road, whether it's the road of agreement or disagreement. What you may not have realized, until right now, is that it is entirely possible to ask a set of questions that has the effect of changing a person's mind.

When you ask a question, you have the power to set direction (What do you think about doing X?) , create expectation (Have you ever thought about what might happen if?) , and even put an emotional reaction into motion (What do you mean by that?) The right question can create relevancy (What does that have to do with this?), expose motivation (Why is that important to you?) and intent (What are you really trying to say?).

Once you know you can do this, and know what you intend to do with this, you gain a lot of flexibility to lead people where you want them to go. If influence is a given, then questions are a powerful intervention in the thinking of others. You can ask for relevance, intent, motivation, deeper understanding, and a whole host of other useful bits of information.

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