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Gary C. Smith Speaking Coach

Welcome to my website. You are here to upgrade your Public Speaking Skills. I am here to enhance that process. 
I am a former Sage trainer, an Avatar Master, Licensed Wizard, former salon owner, carpenter, contractor, professional bowler, artist, writer and
currently owner of Gary C Smith Public Speaking & training. Currently training Transformational Goals and Curing Seriousitis™.
I love speaking, and coaching speakers adding content, confidence and charisma to their presentation. 
Youi can transform your Public Speaking with private coaching and while attending the workshops. 

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Public Speaker Mr. G.C. Smith

Your ability to present your services, products & yourself are keys to being successful.

Public Speaker Mr. GC Smith personalized coaching handles the four components of a successful presentation: fear, congruence, content, & charisma.

Moving beyond one’s fear leads to greater connections, clients and clarity.

“Self-knowledge is the key to learning. You must first know where you are, to get to where you want to go. Successful Public Speaking is controlling your Private Speaking.”

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Hermes Calling

Your wake-up call to an inspired life

Hermes the ancient God of commerce, invention, & cunning, Hermes Calling serves as messenger, scribe, & herald of inspiration, reminders, remembrances, appreciations, blessings & keeps you connected to your purpose, plans, & priorities.

Hermes Calling is a scheduled phone coaching service that is (personally) designed to keep you clear & focused. Designed to keep YOUR INSPIRATION ALIVE & THRIVING. Beyond ‘to-do’ lists, goals, affirmations; realistic message for a Values Based World.

“You know who you are, now share that wisdom with the world. Hermes keeps you connected to the web of life.”

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