What People are Saying about Gary

" I first met Gary when I attended a meeting and heard him speak. He talked about the art of public speaking and how it could be improved by mastering some basic skills. I decided to hire him as a speech coach and was immediately impressed. He encouraged me to think beyond my old beliefs and gave me tips about body language, vocal variety and how to have fun with public speaking. Gary is a great coach - always patient and encouraging. He takes the novice speaker and turns them into a professional. I would highly recommend Gary Smith as a personal speech coach." 
Dianne Dunlap / Martinez, CA / Political Science Graduate University of California Berkeley

"Gary C. Smith is a professional speaker and a public speaking coach. I have known Gary for years and have hired him to improve my public speaking skills. Gary is great at what he does because he has a real passion for speaking, and a great general curiosity about life and people. He really helped me add more depth to my speaking abilities with suggestions on the use of stories, gestures, and use of the speaker’s space. Gary works very well with women. Gary is one of those people who always lights up your spirits and you always leave a conversation with him with a smile."
Maile Collmer / Concord, CA / Referral Marketing Coach / Past President Women’s Council of Realtors

"Gary has the uncanny ability to connect with the most diversified audience, leaving you with the impression that you are the only one he's speaking to in the class. His message is always articulate, his demeanor entertaining and his delivery sincere. It's quite evident that Gary loves his work and truly cares about the success of his students."
George Smith / Carlsbad, CA / President Practical Resources

“I want to thank you once again for today. What positive feedback we got from everyone. You came and did above and beyond. We are so happy with what transpired today. Again Thanks." 
Jennifer Tasto / San Mateo, CA / President San Mateo County Association of Realtors after facilitating the Roles and Goals Leadership Retreat November 2008

"Gary’s speeches are always a delightful, engaging mix of philosophy, humor, logic, common sense, and the California mystical. Gary is the rare speaker who is not afraid to put himself out there and thoroughly entertain through his energy, enthusiasm, ability to connect with the audience, and sheer love of showmanship."
Caroline Gegg / Concord, CA / Real Estate Broker and Attorney

“When Gary worked with me, I felt the depth of his experience in the human potential field directly relieving my doubts and fears. He helped me have the safety I needed to develop confidence in my dream of becoming a corporate trainer. He truly has a gift to put people at ease and bring out the best them-it worked for me!”
Hoyt Cory / Sonora, CA / Body Talks Practitioner

“Gary is one of the most ethical and honest people I have done business with in my over 25 year career. Gary adds logic and direction and an artistic flair to whatever he does. I would recommend Gary to provide training for me or my staff and I have and will continue to attend his more than valuable seminars.”
Lela Clark / Pleasant Hill, CA / Realtor & Senior Citizen Advocate

“Gary has a deep understanding of attention and how it can change your life. Knowing how to tap into the power of your attention is something Gary has mastered and teaches in a very open, safe, and fun manner. His energy, knowledge, and experience are truly incredible! Don’t miss the opportunity to take his workshop. Gary C. Smith provides the rare combination of both content and presentation."
Amber Hom Rea / Walnut Creek, CA / Estate Expert

"Gary is a masterful, engaging speaker. He can captivate a room. Gary is a public speaking coach, and each time he speaks, he gives an object lesson how to do public speaking. He is a most effective public speaking coach, and the tips he has given me are clear, concise, and of great value. Gary writes well, and I am an avid reader of what Gary writes. He has several blogs that I subscribe to and read. He has various writings on his website. Gary has something to say and he knows how to say it.
Les Bain / Walnut Creek, CA / Wizard Creek Consulting

"Gary C. Smith was our guest speaker at 'Dream Weaver's', monthly community networking event. He inspired our group with his stories and words of passion about public speaking, creating rapport, being successful, signature closes and mind maps. Gary's has plethora of knowledge and he shares it in a way everyone can understand. I highly recommend him for speaking to your group or for personal training and coaching."
Cathy Lee, co-founder, Dream Weaver's, Walnut Creek
C.L. Design Services Home Staging

“I have seen Gary speak as an Emcee holding a room with humor & confidence. I have attended classes he conducted promoting business skills, educating Realtors on diverse compliance acts, as a human potential trainings. He is always an inspirational speaking. I have also used Gary as a speaking coach and recommend him for all those roles. He is a gem as a speaker, trainer and coach."
Bill Clemente
Realtor ® Better Homes & Gardens Mason-McDuffie-Walnut Creek
President Contra Costa Realtors in Motion