What Matters Most

One of the values of paying attention is bringing more value to your life. 

Paying attention to what matters most, not just your work or career; you can discover that your personal & professional lives are aligned. 

Does what you do & who you are keep you excited & energized? Then your values are your career, & you’ve realized “Work is love made visible.” It’s time to write your book.

You are the answer, a master alchemist, & the populace wishes to know, how did you do it? 

BUT, what if your career & your values are not aligned?

Step back, & ask, "What matters most?" 

Does what you are doing right now matter the most to you? 

Perhaps you have accepted pre-scripted conditions of your family or your business & through repetition, have mistaken them for your own. Have you assumed someone else’s dream & made them your belief?Has that belief becomes a loop that ends as a noose constricting your purpose & joy?  
 Not knowing your beliefs & what matters most, leads to feelings that your life is adrift without a sense of purpose.

You have a nagging feeling that you are meant to do something more with your life, & that feeling leads to the D’s of discouragement, despair & depression, America’s most common DIS-ease.

So pay attention, there is more than hope, there are ways. 
Begin focusing on what matters most to you, ask "What is MY life's purpose?" 

What is A life's purpose? 

Your life's purpose is your inspiration. It's the motivation behind your actions. It's the force that not only leads you to realize your dreams, & provides the context for making dreams come true. 

If you've never considered this question, it can seem intimidating, but with the courage to bring more value to your life this path leads to & adds to your happiness. 

 Begin by exploring the areas that matters most to you. Where do you want to be spending the most time? It could be career, family, spirit, skills or health. Separate & discern the areas, & start a continuum with what you value most to what you value least.

Group your current activities under each heading.
My career list includes meetings, presentations, phone calls, research, readings, record keeping, original thought, direct experience, social media. Under health I list aerobics, NIA, weight lifting, walking, morning & evening health drinks, check-ups, vitamins. 

Stay current updating each area as they occur in a given week. 

 Compare your lists. How, what, when, and where can you bring your activities closer to the areas you value most in your life? It’s a wonderful journey. Keep at it & your purpose will appear. 
Your level of success in anything is directly related to your level of commitment.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power & magic.”