Inspiration 101

Have you ever wanted to be an inspiration? Not just a MUSE, but an agent of CHANGE? 

To offer new areas of insight with a dynamic ability to move people, strangers, friends, family, colleagues to action? To engage them to step out of their comfort zone, or discomfort zone & let them know what they thought was impossible is possible?   

What they thought was impossible is possible? 

I used to believe I was too shy to assert myself. I was too scared to speak from my heart. At some point I became grateful for all the wonders that have occurred in my life, & maybe my being grateful & appreciating what I have, to love myself without conditions or an aura of conceit, that I was moved by a strong desire to inspire others.  To create & keep ‘IT’ alive. 

I can see how each & every one of us can change. 

How we are not trapped, but free to change our lives, our world, & serve those around us. How we can step away from habits, fears, & doubts & go for what we want. I am here to say, again & again Yes we can, Yes we can Yes we can! 
Others have lead the way & what others have done we too can do.

“Be the change you want to see!”
Gandhi did. Martin Luther King did, Oprah does everyday.
Nike says, “Just do it.”

I say, just decide. Yes just decide; really decide because change happens in two seconds. 
Then work & join forces to keep it alive. Keep your supporters change alive, & take the rest of your lifetime to keep that change, your inspiration alive.

Start by stopping your world. Stopping the inner chatter, the ‘stinkin thinkin’ that makes fears-FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL alive. Stop the world that lets doubt sink our ship before it ever gets a chance to set sail or land. 

Decide I am an inspiration. Choose how & where & who you will inspire.

Walk the walk! Gather your support. Become other’s supporters. Learn to put your attention on others & stop allowing yourself to indulge in any negativity.

Its time to begin moving toward what you want. 

Time for a new motivation because, like THE LITTLE TRAIN THAT COULD says Yes I can, Yes I can, Yes I can!