My values are my business

I believe that writing these essays is a long affirmation, a way of creating a world with values, imagination, & free attention. At times:

  • It is a questioning process-Who R U?
  • It’s another way of looking at life.
  • It’s a way to remember to remember to remember.

With this essay I wish to create our values as our business.

There are at least three ways to hear & feel my title statement depending on your intent, your vocal emphasis, & your point of view (POV).

My VALUES are MY business! 

This ego driven version states what I values are my business & none of yours.

Stay out of my business.  I’m not sharing values. The attitude & attention is fixed!

My values are my business? 

This is the questioning approach. Are my values reflected in my business? It’s a time to take an inventory of my values & my business.

Am I playing win/win? My attention is free & my attitude is in ‘that’s interesting’ mode.

My Values are my BUSINESS. 

What I value is what & how I run my business & my life. I am willing to share my values to enrich the world. My values sustain & enrich my life & all those I contact. I like this one.

Three values that reflect my life & business are:

  • FLEXIBILITY in communication, that right & wrong are on a continuum and the more flexible our communication the more we understand each other.

    There is no right or wrong, just feedback, and increased listening skills.

  • Because I present with the Law of Three, I value CHOICE.

    Yes, no or maybe.  I value the world as not black or white, but often something different.

    The value is in knowing there is always a choice. Sometimes choices may not be hard facts, nouns, but verbs of attitude.

I believe I am creating a world of values, one essay, one sentence, one word at a time.