Do you believe everything your mind says?

Dear Friends of The Church of Attention  in all of life there are seasons of change-Transformation.  As we change so to do our institution need to change.  The Church of Attention is now The Society of the Mirrors
The mirror, re-creator of images, self-induced for those who wish to see themselves, their actions, reactions, poses, pauses, passes, repasts, the unencumbered actions, tag less, without labels or adverbs, or adjectives, or limits, definitions, or any fence concreting the spontaneity of creation.
The mirror reflects, and possibly frames, who you are.
he Society wishes you to focus past limiting thoughts into the new ever evolving Free You.

Do you believe everything your mind says?

That old reticular activating system that protected us from Saber Tooth Tigers is still at work. The NLP folks are calling that ‘brain’ the ‘critter brain.’ It still is at work giving fight or flight messages.

Perhaps a little subtler than millenniums ago, but our brains have Velcro for negativity & Teflon for the positive. An axiom in the beauty business is,  do a great job & 5 people notice & give a compliment, give a bad haircut & they tell 250 people. It’s that critter brain in action.

Negativity, ‘stinkin-thinkin’ makes a bigger longer lasting impression than our positive affirmation of value, esteem, certainty, & seems to run off at the mouth as chronic complainers, worriers, glasses that are half empty, & spreaders of the gossip from radio station K-LACK broadcasters of bad news.

Sez Who?

It’s not just psycho-babble but brain researchers are finding that’s how we are wired, but isn’t it time to rewire the critter brain. Turn off or turn down the volume,         “Change channels”, as Yanet Gonzalez says.

Easier said than done?

Good question. Yes the question is the answer. It’s about Questions for Success.*

Who says my thoughts are anything other than mine & them being true are subject to question.

Sez Who?

What’s another way to look at this? How else can I think about this? It is not necessary to question every thought, only the ones we begin to believe. It’s back to the question of “What do I want to Believe?” What do I want to believe about me, the world, my thoughts, & my life?

You can & do control your thoughts & beliefs by the questions you ask yourself. These are not always beliefs about right & wrong, or good & bad, but everyday beliefs we believe are so real they control our life.

They’re held in place by the watch dogs of stinkin-thinkin, ALWAYS, NEVER, HAVE TOO, MUST, CAN’T, and chief of ego security BLAME.

The cursed identity that finds it’s your fault. Us New Ager’s can become very subtle in how we have transformed our blamer into It’s in the food’, retrograde mercury, generic genetic issues, high/low blood sugar, obstructed Qi, a bad hair day, or  WHATEVER.

Ask & ye shall receive.

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