Yes Answers & Lists

How to get to the conscious end of the spectrum- It usually takes a Shock. Take a cold shower, risk, ask for help, or meditate in an uncomfortable position. DO not do what you have always done. I look to original thought & direct experience as guidelines to being at the conscious, versus the unconscious, mechanical ends of the continuum.How can I stay there-My favorite is to get a buddy and Check Inn. Be honest, caring & vulnerable & state what the as is is with the two of you. Have a feel for what you want, an intent & Clarity works for me. What are ten tricks to staying Present?

  • Take a deep breath, & decide to.
  • Get in your body.
  • Do something physical.
  • Have a goal.
  • Put a rock in your shoe.
  • Practice what got you present.
  • Be grateful. Say thank you & mean it.
  • Converse with the one in the mirror.
  • Share your wit & wisdom with others.
  • Stand on you head, or as close to as possible.


Five secrets to waking up:
  • Decide to.
  • Become lucid while asleep, as in knowing you are not awake.
  • Recognize that there is more on “heaven & earth” than I realized.
  • Say YES! & mean it.
  • Trust yourself.


Three methods of keeping love alive:
  • Decide to.
  • Treat love like a garden. Plant the seeds of appreciation, weed the negativity, water the growth, harvest the fruits, love the fruit & be grateful.
  • Start with your self. Love the one in the mirror.


The one word of wisdom I am passing on to my next of kin-YES!One word to eliminate from your private speaking - hate!