Priorities, Profile & Questions

“Success occurs when preparation & opportunity meet,” to quote Seneca, a Roman wise guy, so it is with our lives.

By knowing where we are, what we have created, where we want to go, we add to Who We Are.We increase the opportunity to not just show up, but show up on time with a plan and the tricks and treasures to make miracles happen.

As with each time I begin writing a Church of Attention I ask, ‘Where is my Attention?”  I sit and check out the NOW and then IMAGINE What Could Be.

The practice becomes a venture into the dead past and imagined future,  but if we don’t know where we are going ‘any road will do’, and if we don’t know where we’ve been perhaps history repeats itself and nothing new is deposited in our Karma accounts,  the saw doesn’t get sharpened,  and precious items are left out in the rain.

So I begin with some old questions:

  • What is Happening?
  • What do I Want?
  • What have I Learned?
Those questions act as a Ground of Being setting the tone for exploring, one of my favorite verbs with newness, adventure and the UNKNOWN.Those questions serve me a huge plate to nosh upon.

What’s my current life appetizer? What gets me excited to get to my Harvest banquet? What gets the juices going for the entree? Does the entree fulfill my purpose? Am I getting enough nourishment? Am I eating too much, too little or gobbling up the same old same old? What new spice can I add? Am I still addicted to dessert? Am I rewarding myself, disciplining myself or trying a new treat?

Not sure what your questions are? 

Would you like a Life Long Learner to send you a profile of questions to assist your Harvest?

The Church of Attention, in collaboration with Questions For Success, is glad to play 20 Questions. Questions that you may not have thought about. Questions that can guide us, build our Attention and Karma accounts.