The Transformer Tribune (T.T)

image-1 One of the goals of the workshops is to
find what you WANT and begin MOVING TOWARD that goal. The process is a wake-up,
an opening up, its UP to you to do it; with the help of your team.

We use the Mark Twain quote: "I have met the enemy and it is me. However I underestimated
the numbers"-Mark Twain. The alignment is assisting the enemy in becoming
your teammates. For some the captain of the team is their Conscience.

In making the motivational switch from moving away from what you don’t
want to moving toward what you do want Conscience plays a big role.

Contrary to the mainstream beliefs where Conscience is conceived
as the negative voice speaking the “thou-shalt-not- the
constrictor of action, Conscience, ‘the
still small voice’is the capacity to tap into our deep levels of insights,
purpose and values that do not oppose us. Conscience is a guide, ‘beyond good
and evil”, to an enlarged experience of yes And.
As Jiminy Cricket said,

”Let your Conscience be your guide.”


Will Homer decide?

Conscience gets bad press-

clear conscience is a sign of a bad memory.”

conscience is the part when all the other parts feel good.”

does a man have a clear conscience? Because it is unused.”

is the inner voice that warns us somebody may be looking.”

“Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos
taste a hell of a lot better.”

and Conscience is said to be the taproot to courage. If you knew you were doing
the RIGHT thing would you hold back?

If your
Conscience said to do it, wouldn't you?
Is your Conscience telling what to do or not to do?

Trilia recently said that Transformational goals workshop is about finding your
voice. That voice is Conscience.

Raleen is healing very well. Bless You