Making the Week Strong

This Church of Attention is dedicated to other entrepreneurs who create their own schedules.

Plus, those whose life has freedom, purpose & are attempting mastery. That’s all of us.

To those exiled by corporations, those who retired to pleasure & fame, those caretakers & givers, those with the freedom to ad lib & those who wish they knew what to do next, here is some feedback from Organization 102 at the University of Gary.

At age six, I was sent as emissary of the Smith family to the local Baptist Church. No one else in the family ever went, but my Sunday morning was structured.

I attended regularly even received a 2 year attendance pin. It was an experience I couldn’t wait to get over. I now realize I have an identity that regrets those times when I couldn’t wait to get it over. {Aha, a new entry in Managing Identities class-‘The Regretter.’ A ‘Regretter gone chronic I call ‘The Invalidator.” }

My Sunday night had a hole in it. Filled first with TV, Lassie, then Maverick and bedtime, I was missing something.

Missing a purpose to move toward, something more than the next week of my life. This feeling of emptiness followed me for years. It was somewhere between ‘Do not go gently into the night’ & ‘A long lost tea time of the soul.’

It was a revelation from my 2010 U of G class on Organization 102, my final essay, “How to Build A Monday (BAM) that Sunday night got a purpose.

This is what those Sunday nights ‘something else was all about. It was “The time of Preparation.’

The Sacred time of Initiation of my week. Time to ask what do I want? What can I have? Who will I see? Any incompletes, areas of consideration, new or refined goals, tools & skills needed. It is how to make my week strong & have a strong purposeful week.

Build a Monday (BAM) over a 6 month period evolved a new organizational tool Triday, a rolling together of Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

There was a pattern that repeated & more than a day was needed for completions. It was not a tryday, with a why or an effort that gets no where, (Just try and do something) but three days in one lump with three very useful naps. Three meetings, 2 classes, and one purpose, handle the BAM.

Triday gives me a Friday that’s free to file & read what I write so I can find out what I am thinking, doing, & wanting.

Organization 102 has cleaned the desk & is starting to look like TGIF, Today Golf Is Fun.

As for Saturday, it’s class day. Be in class, share class, be classy, & for best results sit in the front row.