Noun or Verb, It’s Your Choice

One of the tenets of Church of Attention is that attention is a verb, not a noun. Attention is an action, not a fixed object-person place or thing.

Attention is flexible, fluid; it teams well with other verbs & disappears when thought of as a noun.

Attention can be interesting & curious. Maybe anything that isn’t interesting has no attention to it.

Attention can be inspiring, informative & motivational.  Maybe that which is not inspiring has no attention to it.

Attention can be caring & healing. Maybe what is not caring or healing is missing attention.

Attention can be the carrier of change.  What does not change, what is fixed, has attention stuck, glued and limited.

Attention is also on a gradient, a continuum from mindless, mechanical sleep walking, merely breathing attention, a form of habits that stretches to a conscious, creative, awareness of designed & deliberate action aimed with intent toward purpose, goal or desired outcome.

Then there are the big QUESTIONS.

  • How can I get to the conscious, aware end of the spectrum?
  • How can I stay there?
  • What are the ten tricks to staying present?
  • Do you know the five secrets to waking up?
  • Have you found the three methods of keeping love alive?
  • Do you know the two types of people in the world or do you know better?
  • What is the one word of wisdom to pass on to your next of kin?
  • What is the one word you want to eliminate from your private speaking?


image06image08 image07 One thing I know is that they are not nouns.  It’s fun to ask, "How do you do it?"