How about going fishing today?

When I fish I spend a lot of time being patient. 

Patience I once was told by a very wise grandmotherly lady is the only virtue. She was right, being patient people make up the nicest things about you while you’re doing nothing. They think you’re wise as you contemplate still waters, a rapid river or a tumbling cascade.

Henry David Thoreau wrote “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

Have you ever gone fishing for memorable memories? 

Bring your best bait, cast your line and wait for your mind to still, your wits to sharpen and the universe to reveal magical moments, hidden treasures, and answers to the questions you truly fish for.

Once sitting on a sandy river with stick in hand, string tied on with a carrot for bait, a fish the size of my 5 year old finger, gave a tug and I can still feel the excitement and still feel the trust that this moment life is all there is. I once made the time to do what all men used to want to do, fish.

TO bring home the big one.

To feed the masses, and sing a tune ♫♫ I ‘m a gonna fishin, yep I’m going fishing and my baby going fishing too♫♫