Yes, And

This is from lessons in Neuro Linguistic Practice (NLP) and exercises in Improv, a way of growing your attention, and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things from both Quantum Physics and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

         In Improvisation, while on stage, you are given a line, a topic, even a prop and it’s time to create. Saying “Yes, and” to what your partner or team says.
         Yes, I accept you and from your idea and I will build you and your idea to look and be better.

My goal is to make you and thus us look better, and entertain.”
         “Yes, and” can lead to great humor, new ideas, and a great sense of presence in the NOW. 

         “Yes, and” requires paying attention.

         In NLP “Yes, and” changes my world. It changes how I feel. “Yes and” allows me to own all of life, instead of the separation, stuckness of not belonging. 

         I am whole and a part of all things is one of the affirming mantras of new age consciousness lifting. 

         Here is an example of how “Yes and” can add attention, connection and peace to your life.

         Feel the difference between these two statements:
         We went on vacation but, it rained.
         We went on vacation and it rained.
         Which one felt better?
         Which one rained on your parade?

         Using “Yes, and” is communication that empowers and does not create a separation between you and your experience. It does not negate or separate you from your experience with a butt.

         Butts are best made for sitting, and observing.

         Change those separating butts into and's and feel the difference.


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