September 2015

Lifelong Learning with You University

Yes the college of you, because, how can you get very far if you don’t know who you are?

         If you do know who you are, wasn’t school fun. Weren’t there more friends at school, more like-minded beings, more new & exciting stuff, & less parental controls?

         There were those who brought options, & new ideas.

         I loved show & tell. The kid with the insect collection, the stories of trip to Yellowstone, the girl who went to the ballet & the kid who got Willie Mays autograph.

         But school was mostly someone else’s agenda.

         They taught The 3 R’s, with 2 of them three misspelled. Rithmetic, Riting?

         Maybe they meant Rites of Passage, and Rhymic, my new word for keeping with the beat.

         Well now those who are Elders in Waiting, those who have attained Elderhood, and those youngsters who so patiently wait for the Wisdom of the Aged, it’s time to head back to school. .

         What do you want to learn?

         What would you like to change, alter or enhance in your life?

         Business, fitness, health, nutrition, arts, home EC, psychology, further appreciation.

         Do what you love.

         Start a revolution!

         Take over the campus. Co-ed living quarters. Pass no pass grading.

         Be the student, instructor, & the dean.

         Be a cheerleader, & the captain of the team.

         Be the B.M.O.C.!

         Have fun back in school & listen to some Chuck Berry.