• Personal Inventory - GCS's unique way to personalize your coaching.  Contact GCS to receive a coaching call to discuss your Personal Inventory results."
  • Office Stress-Free Zone - Turn your office into a stress-free zone with these insights.
  • How to Hold a Successful Meeting
  • The New ABC's - It's a battle for Attention, Beliefs and Consciousness. Here are the building blocks of a happy, fulfilled human being.

  • How Do You Want to Go? - A Toastmasters Highlight: Life is a round trip. How do you want to leave planet earth? Can you build enough attention to pay attention after life?
  • Somatic Congruence: The Physiology of the Stage - Want to know how to own the stage? How do you choreograph your presentation to have the most impact? Gary presents to an audience of over 300  on how to stay congruent and use the 55% of our communication, our body.  Your body is 8 times more communicative than your words, doesn’t a hug say a lot more than any words can?

    The techniques are derived from theater work, Laban methods and Gary’s coaching repertoire of hypnosis and NLP. Here are the tools to own the stage, with a HOME BASE, A POWER SPOT, a locale to handle THE SNIPER, where to build HARACTERS, how to use THE ASIDE, the ZIG ZAG method to create wonder and contemplation, and the echoing from the CHORUS.  This presentation is unique in style, fun and will change how you move on stage.